Where there’s a void, we see opportunity.


2nd Spark is a business consultancy and creative agency specializing in health and wellness. We are an experienced group of creative thinkers who have united to bring you the intelligence of a consulting company and the creativity of an advertising agency. Our unique balance of high-caliber talent and approach to creative problem solving provides a way forward that has been missing from the marketplace..


We are a response
to slow and unimaginative. 

Our eclectic team has worked for big pharma and small biotech start ups, large holding companies to small boutique agencies. We’ve experienced the advantages, and lived through the limitations. Along the way, we’ve curated best practices and created a formula that’s equal parts art and science.

But perhaps most importantly, we’ve attracted some of the very best minds in the business because we know the most creative ideas are only as good as the people who are executing them.

There is no

When you hire us, you get a dedicated team you can rely on, who has lived the job you're trying to do and want to help you do it better. A trusted team you’ll come to know as your thinkers and your doers.


2nd Spark is mission driven.

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Work with people
we like and respect.

We attract people of a high caliber that want to do great work. We work with clients who enjoy and appreciate our approach to their business.

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Do work
we’re proud of.

Compromise is inevitable, but we guarantee that you will always get what we believe is best for your business.

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Earn every dollar
we make.

We strive to provide the highest level of value through our service and deliverables so that you feel every dollar spent with us is money well spent.