There is a large problem emerging within our schools. We are educating our kids for a world that existed 30 years ago. Our efforts to increase core competency have led us to a standardized education that leaves little time and space for creative problem solving.

The primary focus of today’s educational system is focused on left-brain thinking (mathematics & linguistics).  We believe that equal emphasis should be placed on right-brain thinking and creative problem solving. Through our collective experience working in environments that require strategic and creative problem-solving skills, we have learned the importance of nourishing both sides of the brain to prepare students for what lies ahead in college, careers and all aspects of life.

Creating and launching the brand

Our employees have embraced every aspect of this endeavor from creating promotional assets that build brand awareness to organizing events to raise money. These are all the things our clients ask of us, simply applied to a cause we care about deeply. We take responsibility and pride in establishing this brand and fulfilling its mission.

2 Sides Equal Mission

Awareness and fundraising

Through networking, corporate outreach, fundraising events, and social media we were able to find resonance with individuals and groups whom wanted to support our mission. With our first financial goal achieved, we were ready to start giving back.

Giving Back

Our first partnership was formed with Francis D. Pastorius Elementary, located in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Pastorius Elementary is a “turnaround school” that’s been targeted to improve student achievement due to severe low-performance in standard studies.

In May of 2014, we delivered a truckload of books to the school and filled a section of their library with books focused on creativity and creative problem solving.

We are also giving back to creative-minded teachers who have found ways to go beyond the traditional structure of classroom teaching styles to encourage creative thinking.  Read about our recent grant winners.

Our effort continues

The next chapter of our project with Pastorius Elementary is to help them send 10 teams to participate in Odyssey of the Mind, an international program that encourages students to apply their creativity to solve problems.

2 Sides Equal continues to be a challenging and rewarding process. Our entire team at 2nd Spark has flexed their entrepreneurial and creative skills in building this company from the ground up. We are committed to continuing our fundraising efforts and pursing partnerships with individuals, organizations and institutions that share our commitment.


We have exceeded our objective of raising over $50,000 in our first year with 75% going back to fulfill our mission.  With our initial goals achieved and our mission gaining momentum, we hope to reach a financial goal of $500,000 a year by 2020.


Help us support
creative problem solving.

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